What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who provides support services from a remote location and mainly support small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Keep reading to find out the most common questions when understanding how a virtual assistant works for your business…

Why choose a VA over an employee?

A virtual assistant (VA) work on a freelance basis, they are generally self-employed, not to mention you will not need to spend hours on training. A virtual assistant is a ready-made service and trained in a multitude of different disciplines so there’s no need to deal with tedious, recruitment processes.

What types of services can a virtual assistant provide?

Traditionally, Virtual Assistants provide the followings tasks:
*Administrative support
*Email management
*Diary management
*Document creation and management
*Social Media support
Nowadays, a virtual assistant can offer additional specialised work, such as travel, event management, web design and meeting room support, the possibility is endless, you just need to ensure that you find one a VA that fits your business needs at the current level your business is at.

How do I know if they are good at what they do?

Research is key, check testimonials, both on their websites if they have one and their different social media accounts.
The vast majority of Virtual Assistant’s come from an Admin/ PA background, have many years of experience in a variety of office sectors and may also have completed a virtual assistant training programme in line with their past work experiences.

Where do I find the virtual assistant that will be a good fit for me?

VA’s tend to hang out in a variety of social media spots, mainly on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
Generally speaking, they tend to hang out wherever their ideal clients are.

But what about the cost?

Usually, virtual assistants work on an ad-hoc hourly rate or via package deals for retainer-based clients which tend to be more budget-friendly and use time-tracking software to monitor the minutes or hours worked for the client.
You have to ask yourself this: How much am I worth per hour? Am I using time-consuming hours on my admin tasks that I can easily outsource to a virtual assistant? How many hours am I wasting my time on instead of growing my business? As an entrepreneur, you will be asking yourself a lot of questions and working smart not just hard is the key to building your empire.
If your worth per hour is double, or triple the cost of an ad-hoc VA, you might want to think about how delegation may benefit your business overall.

Now, a bit about me…

I am a North London based virtual assistant who assists small business owners who have been thinking of delegating part of their workload or tasks for some time now and are looking to build their existing clientele as well as the need for general admin support and, need an all-in-one packaged team member to help tackle their emails, organise their zoom meetings, create posts for their different social media accounts, tweak their websites, basically their general day to day running of their business.

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