Client Success

Rahima has been working for me for the past year. Her professional, knowledgeable and courteous approach to the administration of telephone, booking, email and other backup matters has saved me considerable time, effort and worry.

Rahima is always proactive, and has strong liaison skills, so that we experience fewer issues with clients, lawyers, insurance companies, government departments and others.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rahima as your local Virtual Assistant.
James Landucci-Harmey
I have had the pleasure of working with Rahima from 2009-2015, based in Barcelona. Her role required her to work with people from different departments and clients globally, and being able to adapt (something she is extremely skilled at) and meet the ever-changing office needs where the use of multiple admin tools, emails, and international calendar management.

Rahima was always courteous and dedicated to supporting both our customers and all teams internally that she needed to work with to accomplish the said tasks in a professional and expert manner.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Rahima.
Hugo Leroy