Backpacking my way to my Biz

Backpacking my way to my Biz

Back in 2004, I forewent going to University and instead went backpacking like many others, looking for fulfilment outside of myself. I chose Australia and South East Asia as my destination and for 16 months, my incredible journey took me through fruit picking, vine trimming, nearly being skint twice, getting sun-burnt, living in a farm-stay, climbing rocks, twisting my ankle, living in a tent for  months, not to mention numerous scrapes and cuts all over my body, 2004 was an adventurous year for me!

Getting back to London, whilst I wanted to travel more…I didn’t know how to have a bad-ass career, that allowed me to have freedom to travel at the same time. My vision has always been to get back to my nomad lifestyle by having a rewarding career working remotely that allows me to stretch out my travelling bug toes again, whilst building up a successful business.

In 2008, I moved to Spain for 7+ years, which led to teaching English, admin work, customer service and many fiestas. Connecting with my fellow expats from all walks of life helped me to understand different country/ cultural markets.

Moving back to the UK again in 2016, I worked for a multiple of fields in the professional world, and whilst the knowledge made me feel confident and self-assured in myself as an organised professional, working for the big, corporate type world was soul destroying, I felt myself getting smaller and unable to see the courageous traveller who moved abroad with only a couple of hundreds in her pocket.

Personally, I have been on a heck of a self-development/spiritual journey since Spain, full of tears, laughter, joy and some ‘wow – this feels so much better than partying’ moments. I realised that I no longer wanted to be a pay-check number.

So fast forwarding to 2020 I now run my own business working remotely as a Virtual Assistant working with conscious creative/ holistic small businesses, by supporting them with their admin needs and using my bad-ass organisational skills to help them feel relief from time-consuming tasks whilst they create their unique concept, Their go-to Monica and the best part is, I finally feel like I can be myself again!

So tell me, what’s your story?

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