5 reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant

5 reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant

So you have now started to build your business venture, the concept is great, you have started to build your client base and are now beginning to reap the rewards of being a new, sought after business – but with this accelerating business you are also starting to feel overwhelmed, the heady combination of your vision backed with the necessity to continue to address the day to day business needs make you wake up to the REAL demand of owning and managing your own successful business. How am I going to manage you ask yourself – you realise that you need some cost effective assistance!

If this sounds like a familiar internal dialogue, then keep reading.

I am a Virtual Assistant and I am constantly asked, why someone would embark in hiring a virtual assistant for their business, well here are the 5 reasons why…

1) To-do list – If you find your to-do list is longer than your arm and not sure how you can complete the ever-increasing to-do list without becoming your own version of Dr Octopus, a VA can help you! . We have a number of communication tools under our belt that you can use to easily delegate responsibility to us, so that the only task left is for you to work on nurturing your business!

2) Time – You only have a certain number of hours a day to work on your business, but what if your personal life and professional life are now competing for your time and it seems like you may have to pass on a critical business meeting? This is where a skilled VA can come in and organise your diary so that you can manage your life better and best of all, everyone benefits!

3) Emails – We live in an always-on world where email, IM and other communications are sent and received 24/7 – if you do not keep up with it, you might soon have them piling up to 256 and counting, consisting of subscriptions, notifications and pressing emails that remain unread. As a VA service, RemyAssist can help by whittling your emails down, eliminating the junk and creating and managing your folders and filters, prioritising all the business- critical incoming mail for your urgent attention.

4) Meetings – So you have a webinar in 2 days, you haven’t had a chance to set up the call, nor follow up on the invitations…as a VA, I can sort out all the call details for you, follow up with emails to the attendees, so you can work on your material for the webinar, it is as simple as that.

5) Bookkeeping – Creating and managing your invoices is not always a small feat, keeping on top of them is another task altogether – a virtual assistant like myself, can work as your acting Administrator, creating and sending your invoices, freeing up your space so you can focus on your passion projects.

The above is just skimming the surface of why having a Virtual Assistant, like RemyAssist in your team is a necessity, above all, a VA is a remote-based, online service entity with a wide range of skillsets/ services that allows you to seamlessly run your front and back office operations smoothly, a Robin to your Batman.

No business can do everything on their own. Outsourcing is your friend.

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